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PSME MPCF SU bears Champion title

Midn. Vernan Ian Jay S. Frias and Midn. Rangil Marcelo C. Clutario of BSME 5A1 together with Gregorio B. Carito Jr., a BSME 4A1 represented the Mariners’ Polytechnic Colleges Foundation (MPCF) in the 5thPhilippine Society of Mechanical Engineers (PSME) – Bicol Regional Council of Student Unit (BRCSU) which was held at Bicol University College of Engineering (BUCENG) last September 28-30, 2012. These Marinians bagged the title as champion in the Brainmesh Quiz Bowl competition of the said event.

The Brainmesh was participated by five colleges – Sorsogon State College (SSC), Camarines Sur Polytechnic Colleges (CSPC Nabua and Naga Campus), Camarines Norte State College (CNSC), Mariners’ Polytechnic Colleges Foundation (MPCF) and two universities – University of Nueva Caceres (UNC), University of North Eastern Philippines (UNEP), which all offer a BS Mechanical Engineering (BSME) course. Each institution was represented by two teams and each team was composed of three students, except for team MPCF which was composed of one team for the quiz bee which was sponsored by Bicol University College of Engineering.

It is the first time that MPCF joined this event. Team MPCF had a rough start. Their scoreboard was empty during the easy and average round, but they managed to be on top during the hard round of the competition, which made the team claim the title as new champion.

“We are not expecting to win the brainmesh, our prime purpose was only to participate, and luckily we brought home the bacon.”Vernan Ian Jay Frias said.

Out of seven participating schools, MPCF was hailed the new champion for the Brainmesh and brought glory for the BSME Department and for the entire school as well.

Mr and Ms Mariners' 2012 Crowned

September 28, 2012 - The night of this day and the highlight of the Sportsfest 2012 took place. Mariners' Polytechnic Colleges Foundation has crowned the best of the bests Marinians model student in this years Search for Mr. and Ms. Mariners' 2012!. The contestants of the events were students from the different teams of the Intramurals 2012. The event consists of different exposures showcasing the fashion taste and the appropriateness of attire including: Best in School Uniform, Best in Tropical Attire, and Best in Filipiniana Dress and Barong Tagalog. They also showcase their talents on the Talent Night held September 26, 2012 and during the production number on the event proper.

From 19 contenders, it was stripped to the Magic 5 (each for the Male and Female Category) where question and answer portion took place. The pair who gave the most unique and the best answer was crowned the winners of the event. Here are the results for the event for the Female Category:

  • Miss Mariners 2012 - Sherrie Marie Carlet
  • Miss Intrams 2012 - Videon Llaneta
  • 1st Runner Up - Imee Asagra
  • 2nd Runner Up - Mary Grace Christine Garcia
  • 3rd Runner Up - Angelyn Macascas
For the Male Category, the winners are:
  • Mr. Mariners 2012 - Antonio Belarma Jr.
  • Mr. Intrams 2012 - Manolito Tembrivella
  • 1st Runner Up - Ralf Vinzon Guardian
  • 2nd Runner Up - Mark Anthony Atos
  • 3rd Runner Up - Nikko Lotonio
For the winners in each exposure:
  • Best in Filipiniana Dress and Barong Tagalog - VIDEON LLANETA and MANOLITO TEMBRIVELLA
Here is the complete list of the contestants:

You may see the uploaded pictures on Mariners' System Official Fanpage.

MPCF Sportsfest 2012 Winners

After the four-day event of maximum student participation, team competition, and actual faculty involvement, the Mariners' Polytechnic Colleges Foundation - Legazpi City Intramurals 2012 has once again concluded. The sports fest includes series of sports competition (basketball, volleyball, football, table tennis, badminton, sepak takraw, swimming), indoor sports (chess, scrabble, Games of the Generals, dart), literary and musical competition (extemporaneous speaking, oration, sing and dance competition, dancesport), artistic writing (slogan making, poster-making, essay writing), cheerdance, and the Search for Mr. and Ms. Mariners' 2012.

The intramurals team includes

  • Apricot Animus
  • Green Hornets
  • Maroon Archers
  • Golden Anchor
  • White Eagle

Here are the winners of the concluded events:

  • Basketball Men - Golden Anchor
  • Volleyball Men - Apricot Animus
  • Volleyball Women - Green Hornets
  • Football - Golden Anchor
  • Sepak Takraw - Maroon Archers
  • Badminton Men - White Eagle
  • Badminton Women - Maroon Archers
  • Chess Men - Maroon Archers
  • Chess Women - Apricot Animus
  • Table Tennis Men - Maroon Archers
  • Table Tennis Women - Green Hornets
  • Dart - Golden Anchor
  • Scrabble Men - Golden Anchor
  • Scrabble Women - Golden Anchor
  • Games of the General Men - Apricot Animus
  • Games of the General Women - White Eagle
  • Swimming - Maroon Archers
  • Cheer Dance Competition - Green Hornets
  • LITMUS - Maroon Archers
  • Flag Raising Competition - Golden Anchor

The overall champion of the event is the Golden Anchors with 233 points, followed by the Maroon Archers with 217 points, the Apricot Animus with 182 points, the Green Hornets with 174 points, and the White Eagle with 141 points.

The event took place September 25-28, 2012 at MPCF Main Campus and Annex. Official tabulators of the event is the COM officers headed Mr. Richard P. Abrigo (COM Master) and Mrs. Melinda Jacob (COM Adviser/HOSA). The Jury of Appeal for the Intramurals 2012 is Mrs. Cynthia A Duka. The rest of the events was made successful by the committees consisting of the different faculty and staff of MPCF Legazpi with the leadership of the Over-all Chairman of the Event, Ms. Agnes E. Nacion.

You may see the uploaded pictures on Mariners' System Official Fanpage.

Another Tulong Dunong Program Concluded

MPCF Legazpi once again conducted the Tulong Dunong Program last September 26, 2012 at MPCF Jaime's Hall, organized by the Office of the Research and Extension Services (ORES), National Service Training Program (NSTP), and Philippine Coast Guard Auxiliary (PCGA). This month's invited school are students from Tabaco National High School, Tabaco City. Events include the interactive campus tour, MPCF press conference, and other comprehensive discussions on martime orientation, disaster preparedness, first aid and basic safety, fire fighting, bartending and cooking. Here are the included events:

  • Press Conference
  • Campus Tour on MPCF Main and Annex Building and Facilities
  • Maritime Orientation by Capt Sur M Gulmatico
  • Disaster Preparedness by Cap Steven James G Diño PCGA
  • First Aid and Basic Safety by Mr. Junnel L. Madela and Mr. Angelo E. Miranda
  • Bartending and Coooking Demonstartoin by Ms. Venafe E. Rebancos and Mr. Webster E. Toledo

Tulong Dunong Program is an extension service of Mariners' Polytechinic Colleges Foundation in order to serve the Bicolano youth. This event was proudly headed by the We Serve Adviser, Ms. Gemma Brusola.

MPCF SU Joins Nat’l ME Convergence

Quezon City – The Philippine Society of Mechanical Engineers University of the Philippines Student Unit (PSME UPSU) held its National Mechanical Engineering Convergence and Career Fair in UP Film Institute, UP Diliman Quezon City on September 7, 2012.

The event aims to gather all Mechanical Engineering majors from different institutions and help develop a clear vision of the path they will take as future Mechanical Engineers of our country.

It was attended by different universities and Colleges offering BS Mechanical Engineering (BSME) all over Luzon. Four ME students from Mariners’ Polytechnic Colleges Foundation Student Unit (MPCF SU).Vernan Ian Jay Frias, Rangil Marcelo Clutario, Emerson Basanta, Gerard Jordan attended the event together with their adviser Engr. Efren O. Obis.

The event was composed of talks from different leading industrial companies such as Grundfos, Microcontrol Design Technology Inc. and UP – Ayala Land TechnoHUB, and also includes some discussions about the ME application in Orthopaedics, and Naval Architecture, and a finishing talk by one of the instructor from Prime Review Center.

The participants were all enlightened, gained additional knowledge especially in different applicationsof Mechanical Engineering field.As an additional bonus aside from gaining knowledge, all participants received a 20 percent (20%) discount from Prime Review Center.

“The event was nice and the discussion of the speaker will really help the BSME students. They’ve had idea what is the role of Mechanical Engineering in different areas of industry.” Engr. Obis said regarding the seminar.

The four ME students of MPCF, acquired a lot of things, sharpened their abilities, and treasured this learning and experience as they pursue their study.

MPCF-LC Launches New Organization
Vernan Ian Jay Frias

Aiming to develop good leadership, establish united and responsible Mechanical Engineering students who will develop social interest, promote general welfare, camaraderie and cooperation through active participation in organizations’ activities, Philippine Society of Mechanical Engineers – MPCF Student Unit (PSME-MPCFSU) has been founded.

The organization is an affiliated member of the Philippine Society of Mechanical Engineers – Albay Chapter, and also of the Philippine Society of Mechanical Engineers Bicol Region Council.

One of the objectives of the organization is to develop friendship while renouncing violence among student-members and the like through the implementation and participation in different activities in line with the society’s sphere of interest.

In line with the objectives and the celebration of the PSME month, the organization has joined in the Mechanical Engineering Student Governance and Career Fair at the University of the Philippines last September 7, 2012.

Also in September, the organization took part in the 5th Regional Convention held at Bicol University College of Engineering (BUCENG).

In October, the organization will partake in the 2nd National Student Congress to be held at the SMX Convention Center; and will be conducting its very 1st Mechanical Engineering Day (ME Day).


August 20, 2012 – Marinians from the Bachelor of Hotel and Restaurant Management brought home the Chicken Wellington (pun intended) when they bagged the Championship in the Main Dish Category during the “Pili Kulinarya” Roadshow held at Kanzo Hall Restaurant. The competition was spearheaded by the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) Legazpi Office as part of the month- long celebration of the “Ibalong Festival.”

The Team Marinian was composed of Daniel Rico Rocimo, Mark Joseph Vibar, Angelica Roquid and Zedrick Paul Jesalva. They were ably supported by their coaches namely: Madam Venafe Rebancos and Ms. Jhan Rea Grageda. This event was participated in by other schools which offer Hospitality and Culinary Courses namely: Divine Word College of Legazpi, Aquinas University and the two culinary schools in Albay such as: Institute for Culinary Arts and Related Studies (ICARS) and Apicius Culinary School.

The program started with a simple invocation followed by the singing of the Philippine National Anthem. DTI’s Regional Director delivered the opening remarks followed by the inspirational messages of Legazpi City Mayor, Honorable Geraldine Carmen B. Rosal and her better half and City Administrator ex-Mayor Noel Rosal.

Daniel Rocimo presented his “Pili-Coated Pan Fried Prawns” and “Tilapia Fillet with Avocado Mouiller” for appetizer. Angelica Roquid and Mark Joseph Vibar showed their ”Pili Island Floats” for dessert while Zedrick Paul Jesalva showcased his winning fare, the “Chicken with Pili Pulp Wellington” for the Main Dish Category.

As the judging began everyone from among the contestants were fidgety, nervous and excited as well. The judges announced the winners with Apicius Culinary School as winners for the Appetizer and Dessert Category. For the Main Dish Category (who do you think won?), YES, your guess is as good as mine…who else but Zedrick Paul Jesalva (mention his course, year and section here).

We salute the TEAM and their COACHES! May you always bring home the bacon or any WELLINGTON!

Julius Kevin C. Clarina

August 4, 2012 – The Red Cross Youth Council (RCYC) of Mariners’ Legazpi together with the volunteers from different medical establishments - the Department of Health (DOH), Estevez Memorial Hospital, Ante Memorial Hospital and other non-government organizations (NGOs) promote healthy lifestyle awareness as they extended medical services to the local residents in the Barangays of Legazpi City, Daraga and the neighboring places within the confines of Albay.

The program was made possible through the efforts of the Student Personnel Services (SPS) Office headed by Mrs. Cynthia A. Duka and her partner, the Head of Student Affairs, Mrs. Melinda L. Jacob (both of whom are Registered Nurses) with the assistance of MPCF – LCs two nurses namely: Mr. JunnelMadela [Head Nurse] and Ms. Camille A. Duka [Asst. Nurse], Midn. HadjiBatalla together with some of the school’s non-teaching personnel who volunteered for the mission.

The medical team was composed of medical practitioners namely: Dr. Juan Estevez, Jr., Dr. Ferol, Dr. Navera and Dr. Castelo, a dentist – all came from Estevez Memorial Hospital. They were aptly aided by public and private medical practitioners from Bicol Regional Training and Teaching Hospital, and other good-hearted private practitioners of the province. Meanwhile, the nursing team was composed of Registered Nurses such as: Mr. Ryan D. Mirandilla, Ms. Almira N. Espiloy, Ms. Asley A. Alberto and Ms. Mary Faith R. Iglesia all volunteers from Ante Memorial Hospital.

Our institution, the MPCF – LC, started its medical mission in 2007 which has been a yearly fare during its foundation anniversary. This program was initiated to help the marginalized residents of Albay. “We have given tickets to some Barangay residents. These tickets serve as priority numbers for them. Everyone is welcomed to join pero, pinaprioritizemunanamin ‘yung may tickets,” RCYC’sRonel Tan said. This has been a yearly fare for Mariners’ Legazpi extends its services to the less fortunate recipients of the program. This activity is a regular regimen every Foundation Anniversary as part of its medical mission.

J. E. Sedan Red

August 4, 2012 – This marks the day for the inauguration and blessing of the newly constructed and improved buildings at the Mariners’ Annex along Jaime C. Jimenez, Sr. Street.

ELIZA’S DORMITORY – Constructed near the JCJ Multi-Purpose Gym, this new one-floor building (progressive type) boasts of a shower and restrooms, laundry room and can house fifty (50) cadets / scholars. Adjacent to this is a canteen where not only those occupants can take their daily fare but, other students as well. It has an area of 347.5 square meters. May this be conducive to the incoming fifty scholars?

LABORATORY EXTENSION & CGAOTC OFFICE – Right after the newly-built canteen are the Laboratory Extensions such as Carpentry Shop, Electrical and Mechanical Shops, the Shielded Metal Arc Welding (SMAW) Shop, the Band Room and the CGA OTC Office. It has a floor area of 245 square meters. There are also additional tools and facilities for the needs of students and the MPCF Physical Facilities staff.

ENGINE CONTROL ROOM – This glass-covered expansion was done for the engineering instructors to closely monitor the students who are having their practical works at the Engine Room (housed at the Engr. Jaime La Jimenez Buiding I) below. This renovated area is right next to the newly transferred Hydraulics and Pneumatics Room (formerly at the 3rd Floor of the Main Building) along with the new Faculty Room and Engineering Office.

ENGR. JAIME JIMENEZ BUILDING II – This is a newly-constructed two-storey building which has five rooms in each floor. The eight (8) rooms are now utilized as classrooms for all Engineering students (BSMarE and BSMechE) while one (1) room is allocated for Library and the other room will be used as an Audio-Visual Room (AVR). Each floor has two (2) restrooms; 1 for female and 1 for male. This has a floor are of 949 square meters. It is located at the left side of the main gate. These new building with classrooms is a big relief not only for engineering cadets / students but the faculty members as well as lectures are now done within the confines of the building which is near their laboratory except, of course, for the Computer and Speech Laboratories which are still housed in the Main Building.

These facilities will further increase the learning of the students as they no longer shuffle from the Main Building to our Annex, rain or shine. This will also serve as a honing place for skills that are needed for employment in and out of the country.

This is truly a manifestation of the vision and mission of MPCF, that is, to continuously improve the standards of the institution; empower students, faculty and staff with capabilities for global competition ahead. This is an explicit work of perseverance and patience which is made good by a promise of one man (Commodore Dante La Jimenez) along with the late founder Commo Jaime C Jimenez, the grand matriarch of the institution, Mdm. Eliza La Jimenez; and the Board of Trustees of MPCF. This is now the moment of truth: a dream which is no longer a wish as the action has been done. Let’s now salute our institution with pride and dignity.

Wyitt L. de la Torre

August 4, 2012 – Amidst cloudy and intermittent rainshowers, hundreds of students, faculty members, staff, family, friends and guests of Mariners’ Polytechnic Colleges Foundation (MPCF) Legazpi City thronged to the Mariners’ Annex which is proudly situated along the newly-renamed street – Jaime C. Jimenez, Sr. Street to celebrate another year of success both for the school and for its President, Commo Dante La Jimenez PCGA.

It is the 27th Founding Anniversary of the institution and the 60th Birthday of the Commodore which is an annual fare for him as it coincides with his natal day. This opened with a Thanksgiving Mass at about 0830H held at the JCJ Gym which was converted into a chapel with the Most Reverend Lucilo B. Quiambao, Auxiliary Bishop of the Diocese of Legazpi as the Main Celebrant concelebrated by Reverend Fathers Jonathan L. Calleja, Parish Priest of St. Joseph Parish; and Joseph R. Raquid, University Chaplain of Aquinas University. The Holy Mass was so solemn yet with zeal as it was ably supported with music rendered by the MPCF Campus Ministry Choir under the baton of Mrs. Melinda L. Jacob, Head of Student Affairs and Instructor. She buttressed the ever-busy Campus Ministry Head who was the overall in-charge of the Committee on Mass, Mr. Tito B. Bo.

Right after the Communion Rites, Commodore Dante La Jimenez delivered his foundation and birthday message wherein he thanked his siblings: Dr. Gabriel La Jimenez, the eldest; Dr. Marilissa Jimenez-Ampuan, Chairperson of MPCF Legazpi City; Ms. Evita La Jimenez; Madam Merle Jimenez-San Pedro; all of whom are members of the Board of Trustees; his exuberant family led by his charming and lovely wife, Madam Nimpa Valdez-Jimenez; their 3 equally pretty daughters, namely: Chabs, Popi and Irene. He would never forget to thank his loving mother, who for his 60 fruitful years has been and will always be nurturing and mentoring them, Mrs. Eliza Lazaro Jimenez. Along with these people, he thanked also those good friends of his, the faculty and staff who worked beside and behind him. There was Dr. Luz Lazaro, the very first College Registrar of MPCF and the sister of the grand lady of MPCF; visitors from the two sister schools in Camarines Sur; the PCG Bicol and PCGA officers; and of course those people who were ever-ready to assist MPCF – LC in all its endeavors like: Hon. Noel Rosal, the City Administrator of Legazpi, who according to the Commodore is the “best Mayor Legazpi City ever had.” He thanked also the parents of this institution’s students as they are the major stakeholders of this school. Present too were his friend, Buboy Fernandez, the assistant trainer of Manny Pacquiao, the VACC family, and a Singaporean Monk – Venerable Shi La Rong.

His message centered on thanking everyone most especially his family as he said, “my birthday will only be complete if my loved-ones are all here” (and they were all present). He continued to speak as he asked the 3Gs of the Jimenez clan to ‘continue and cherish their ancestors’ commitment and legacy of serving people especially Bicolanos.” As the Lead Convenor of the Bicol Autonomy Movement (BAM), he pushes for the rights of his “kababayans” who are regarded as the poorest in the country. He is a staunch believer that the vast resources of the Region are ours therefore; they must be ours (the Bicolanos).

As the speech came to a close, he thanked the Lord for giving him 60 good years of his life and continued on by the asking Him to bless him more years.

After the Thanksgiving Mass, the blessing of the new facilities and amenities followed [Please see separate story on this particular event.]

This memorable occasion was followed by a lunch held at the Jaime’s Hall graced by his family, friends, colleagues, stakeholders, PRC board passers and faculty members.


To boost and develop the talents among the aspiring high school students in the field of hospitality industry from different institutions, Mariners’ Polytechnic Colleges Foundation with the aid of the faculty and staff and the organizers from BSHRM 4A3, held the first ever Inter-High School Competition last August 3, 2012 at the MPCF Quadrangle in connection with the 27th Founding Anniversary of Mariners’ Polytechnic Colleges Foundation.

The competition was participated by eight (8) different schools in Albay namely; Cawayan National High School, Immaculate Concepcion High School, Malabog National High School, Marcial O. Raňola Memorial High School, Oro Site High School, San Francisco National High School, Tabaco National High School, and St. Raphael Academy.

It was started by the usual opening ceremonies and followed by the opening remarks given by r. Jayson Napili, HRM Instructor, welcoming all the delegates along with their coaches in the event. The judges in the said competition were Mr. Webster Toledo, Mrs. Emily Dorol, Mrs. Aileen Tuazon, who are all members of the faculty and staff. After reading of the rules and mechanics given by Mr. Napili, the contest formally started.

Centrepiece Making, Cooking Competition, Quiz Bee, Table Napkin Folding and Table Skirting were the contests sponsored by the event while Flairtending and Fruit and Vegetables Carving were demonstrated by HRM students of MPCF-LC.

Around 1500H, the most awaited part of the students took part- the Awarding Ceremony. The winners were given cash and certificates for their hard work in the competition.

The winners in the different competitions were as follows:

Centrepiece Making Competition

  • 1st-Immaculate Concepcion High School
  • 2nd- Malabog National High School
  • 3rd- St. Raphael Academy
Cooking Competition
  • 1st-Marcial O. Raňola Memorial High School
  • 2nd- St. Raphael Academy
  • 3rd-Malabog National High School
Quiz Bee
  • 1st- St. Raphael Academy
  • 2nd-San Francisco National High School
  • 3rd-Oro Site High School
Table Napkin Folding Competition
  • 1st-San Francisco National High School
  • 2nd-Oro Site High School
  • 3rd-St. Raphael Academy
Table Skirting Competition
  • 1st-Tabaco National High School
  • 2nd-Oro Site High School
  • 3rd-St. Raphael Academy


August 3, 2012 – The Mariners’ Polytechnic Colleges Foundation celebrates its 27th Founding Anniversary in red as bravery and heroism were evident among the Marinians. The 3rd annual “blood-letting” activity was held at the Audio-Visual Room (AVR) spearheaded by the Red Cross Youth Council (RCYC) of this institution in cooperation with the Department of Health Region V (DOHRV), the City Health Office (CHO) of Legazpi and the Philippine Coast Guard Auxiliary Division Bicol (CGAD Bicol).

With the theme “Heroism Through Blood Donation,” 72 volunteers from the Mariners’ family bravely proved that anybody can be a hero. According to the data gathered by RCYC – Mariners’ headed by Midshipman Hadji A. Batalla, only 41 of the 72 willing donors came out to be positive donors while 31 of them were deferred because of health constraints like: lack of sleep, high blood pressure and the likes.

Mr. Raymund D. Estrellado, Physical Education instructor of MPCF – LC and one of the donors said that his main concern was to help his fellowmen who would badly need blood transfusion thus; he volunteered to donate some of his blood. Midshipman James Christopher Vergara, an active member of RCYC Mariners’ and Master Midshipman of the Marine Deck Organization (MDO) also added that blood donation is a “voluntary service.”

There are many reasons why people donate blood, but what benefits do we get out of it? According to our School Nurse, Mr. Junnel L. Madela, RN, blood donation helps replenish and bleed out old blood of donors. They (donors) also improve their health and strengthen their immunity. What about the community? This voluntary activity helps indigent persons who are in need of blood transfusion. The collected bags of blood add up to the blood reserve of the DOH. This laudable endeavor facilitates MPCF’s family such as: students , faculty and staff should anyone of them needs blood transfusion. They are the first priority and they too can get it for free.

Truly, Marinians do not only show world-class excellence, but also illustrate the true spirit of bravery and heroism through their participation in various community-related undertaking.

We salute you Marinians, our modern heroes.

Vanneza B. Armero

August 3, 2012 – The top academic performing students with their parents gathered at the Jaime’s Hall for one significant and momentous event: the annual Academic Recognition Rites.

The program started at exactly 9:30 in the morning with a prayer of thanksgiving, followed by the Entrance of Colors and the singing of the Philippine National Anthem. Mrs. Melinda Jacob, the host for the event, acknowledged the presence of the Department Heads, Mrs. Norma Villanueva, the College Registrar, Dr. Belen D. Azul, Ph.D., the guest speaker and Commo Dante La Jimenez. For the opening remarks, Vice President for Academic Affairs, Mr. Conrad Cordero, gave his short message. In addition, Dr. Azul, the Chief Education Program Specialist from Commission on Higher Education (CHED) gave her astounding message, and lastly, the MPCF President, Commo Dante La Jimenez, gave his inspiring message and congratulated all the students who exerted great effort in maintaining a good academic standing as well as their parents for their continuous support in the institution. The President also imparted his father’s journey to finish his studies and later became a successful seafarer because of his determination. As an advocate for quality education, he also mentioned the new facilities and buildings for the utilization of the Marine Engineering students.

After the heart-whelming congratulatory messages of the important speakers of the event, the forty eight (48) Dean’s Lister coming from different departments with their parents were ready to harvest the fruit of their labor as they claim their certificates that recognizes them as the Academic Achiever for the Academic Year 2011-2012.

Here is the list of the top performing students of Mariners’ Polytechnic Colleges Foundation.

Bachelor of Science in Marine Transportation

  • BRIZA, Joemar B. 1.52
Bachelor of Science in Customs Administration
  • ARIENDA, Ruby B. 1.595
  • MILLENA, Richelle C. 1.66
  • LAGAJINO, Vanessa P. 1.665
  • BRIÑAS, Glenda R. 1.715
Bachelor in Science of Hotel and Restaurant Management
First Year
  • ALANIS, Marriane A. 1.30
  • LUGO, Anjela G. 1.33
  • ARMERO, Vanneza B. 1.34
  • REBATO, Pauline N. 1.35
  • LUSTRIA, Lea D. 1.359
  • CORDEZ, Angelica O. 1.365
  • CABRERA, AronFebe A. 1.37
  • RICO, Jeneva Jones A. 1.389
  • LLANDELAR, Baby Lyn B. 1.407
  • GUARIÑA, Glenn Jayne A. 1.48
  • ADORNADO, Felix Jr. V. 1.49
  • RAYEL, Ann Jeanette C. 1.539
  • MADRID, Jessica B. 1.54
  • LLOVIT, Christine L. 1.57
Second Year
  • FALCOTELO, Irene H. 1.385
  • JAVIER, April G. 1.44
  • DERI, Maria Roxanne G. 1.44
  • ROJO, Elizabeth P. 1.445
  • GERSALIA, Krizzelle L. 1.48
  • GASPI, Wena Ann N. 1.54
  • VELASQUEZ, Karen Jane N. 1.55
  • LOTIVIO, Marjorie Anne L. 1.58
  • CATIIS, Jomarie B. 1.735
  • BEA, Rica Mae B. 1.74
  • GACOS, Jeannalyn F. 1.745
Bachelor in Hospitality Management
First Year
  • SALVADOR, Sheila Mae B. 1.489
  • MANRIQUE, Darlene B. 1.49
  • BORJAL, Jessica D. 1.54
  • RIMA, Ma. Joibeth S. 1.65
Second Year
  • VIBAR, Kim N. 1.305
  • AZURIN, Jamelle M. 1.40
  • LAREZA, Jomarie J. 1.58
  • RELAYO, Angela Dindee O. 1.58
  • GARDON, Mae Joy P. 1.59
  • PAJIMNA, Rhodea L. 1.59
Third Year
  • CLAUDIO, Bernadette A. 1.319
  • DE LUMEN, Babylyn N. 1.36
  • DERILO, Aileen Jane P. 1.388
  • BONEO, Carmina C. 1.416
  • COMOT, Malyn Joy C. 1.47
  • LLANETA, Videon B. 1.499
  • TORRENTE, Regine D. 1.569
  • ROSAS, Mc. Gringo J. 1.58

New Faculty and Staff of Mariner’s Polytechnic Colleges’ Foundation
Mary Joy Lopez


Capt. Mediana is a graduate of BS Marine Transportation at Philippine Merchant Marine Academy in 1981. This GuinobatanAlbay native is a 54 year-old instructor who lived a life at the sea and became a captain of a container ship. He once became a member of the faculty and staff of Mariners’ way back in 1992. After fulfilling his dreams, he came back to Mariners’ to share all his knowledge and learning to the future sailors of the world. He is now handling Navigation of the Maritime students.

Madam Lota, a person who devoted her life in teaching is a graduate Bachelor of Science in Education Major in Biology. She also pursued Mater of Arts in Bio Education and Certificate Program in Chemistry. She had already shared her knowledge in some institutions like Saint Paul Academy, Aquinas University, Science Oriented High Schools, MABA, and Divine Word College of Legazpi and even in DepEd Schools. At her age, 42, she’s still seeking for more experiences to further hone her skills in her chosen career. She believes in the saying, “Put God above all things.” According to her, the success of the students also serves as her achievement. Madam Lote handles Natural Science of BSHRM and BSCA students.

In his 61 years of existence, we can say that this man is already a man of achievement. Engr. Oliva, a graduate of BS Industrial and Management Engineering at Manuel L. Quezon University in the year 1975. He also took up Masters in Industrial Engineering and Management and Doctoral of Business Administration at Polytechnic University of the Philippines in the year 1992 and 1996 respectively. He also finished nine (9) Modular Courses in Computer at Ateneo de Manila University ans STI College in 1997 to 2000. Became a mentor at San Sebastian College, University of the East, Technological Institute of the Philippines, AMA Computer College, Jose Rizal University, Rizal State University, Arellano University, Sina College, National College of Business and Arts and Perpetual Help System University in Laguna. He was a retiree of BDO Manila as a branch manager and director for Administration of AMA University. He believes in the saying, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”. He is now teaching Physics and Lower and Higher Mathematics of Marine and Mechanical Engineering courses.

Sir Ferrer, an alumnus of Mairners’ Polytechnic Colleges Foundation is a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Hotel and Restaurant Management class of 2011. This 24 year-old instructor once became a bartender at Makati Manila and already became an International Instructor in Taekwando. He is now handling PE 3 of the Maritime Students.

Madam Poja may be one of the petite instructors of Mariners’ but she has great capabilities. She took up Industrial Education Major in Drafting Technology, Masters of Arts in Guidance and Counseling and Masters in Cultural Education and Art Appreciation. She was a former instructor at Bicol University College of Arts and Letters and also became an Administrative Assistant at Kessel Industry. This 24 year-old instructor handles Humanities of HRM Students.

Handling the Elective 2 and 3, Physics and Math 0, Engr. Cabiles is a graduate of BS Electrical Engineering last April 2011. After his 10 months’ work at ARB Technical Services, he chose to teach here at Mariners’ to gain more experiences even though this is not the kind of field he wasn’t exposed to. According to Sir Cabiles, hedosen’t have much achievements in life because for him, it will take a step by step process to reach every goal. He believes that being part of this institution will lead him to the dream he was aiming.

Accented by her bangs, Ma’am Jhe as what she prefers to be called is from DaragaAlbay. She graduated Bachelor of Arts in Journalism at Bicol University College of Arts and Letters, an Academic Achiever of the Year at Bicol University from 2009-2011. She became a newswriter, researcher, reporter and broadcaster at 93.1 Ski Radio Ligao City. She also became a Youth Coordinator and Pastor’s Secretary at Greenhills Christian Fellowship Legazpi. According to Ma’am, Intelligence doesn’t threaten her, stupidity does. This 21 year-old lass is handling English subject of Maritime and Customs students.

“Life is not about finding and changing yourself. It is primarily about creating yourself and making a difference.” As uttered by this 21- year-old woman who launched a thousand ships. Ma’am Cam’c as what she prefers to be called is a graduate of Bachelor of Arts in English at Bicol University College of Arts and Letters Batch 2012, an academic year from 2009 – 2012; and took up Certificate in College Teaching last summer of this year. To apply her acquired learnings from her Alma Mater in a prestigious academic institution is the reason why she applied here in MPCF. She is handling English 1, 2, 5 and English Plus.

Definitely an achiever despite his very young age. OIC Nantes is a 24 year-old mentor, an alumnus of MPCF who took up BS Maritime Transportation and graduated in the year 2008. While he’s not still on board, he wishes to contribute his knowledge to the constituents of his Alma Mater. He is the Officer-in-Charge in the Navigation deck in a pure car carrier ship. He instructs SRC, MT and MarE students in Seamanship.

Another product of Mariners’ Colleges Foundation. Madam Barcellano is a former student and now an employee of Mariners’ who took up BS in Customs Administration batch 2010.at the age of 24, she became an instructor at Bicol Merchant Marine College Institute. She is handling Customs 1 and Tariff 3 & 4. She lives in the saying, “try and try until you succeed”.

Madam Aynz, as what she wanted to be called, is one of the young generation in the faculty and staff of MPCF. She is now 22 years old and is from BacacayAlbay. She earned Bachelor of Arts in Journalism (2007) at Bicol University and became an Academic Achiever. Before entering the world of teaching, she became a newswriter/reporter at Love Radio and Manila Broadcasting Company and also a freelance writer of Albay Chronicle. She decided to teach for her to gain more knowledge and to develop her skills professionally. She handles English to Maritime and Non-Maritime courses. “Truth has many faces; either subjective or objective” is the virtue she clings to.

Oste Boys sail the World

Oste Crewing Philippines, Inc, located at MOA Business Park, Pasay City had been the helping hand of our Maritime graduateslast Academic Year 2011-2012. It is under the SAL (Schiffahrtskontor Altes Land Gmbh & Co) Heavy Lift which is also a member of the “K” Line Group.

Eight Marineros who passed the company’s and interview started their training last 2ndweek of April,2012.Luckily,just after almost 2 months of training, our very own Marineros were assigned to their fleets and began their voyage.

  • Domasig,Ronnel - E/C at M/V Grietje, Egypt on 23-May,2012
  • Estuye,Laymar - E/C at M/V Regine, Hongkong on 25-May,2012
  • Lubiano, Gerald - E/C at M/V Maria, Agaba on 06-June
  • Venus, Marlon - D/C at M/V Maria, Agaba on 08-June
  • Angeles, Patrick - D/C at M/V Gloria, Singapore on 10-June
  • Seva, Fidel Nick - D/C at M/V Gloria, Singapore on 10-June
  • Avila, Jed - D/C at M/V Paula on 12-June
  • Botalon, Carlo Niño - D/C at M/V Paula
So far, they were the first batch of graduates (2011-2012) to board a ship. Bon Voyage our dear Marineros!

Midn. Enrico Biglaen

“I am a MPCF Cadet, with pride and honor, Sir.”

Mr. Aproniano San Juan, the man who executed this catchy yet meaningful line for all MPCF cadets was appointed to the position of Seaman’s Rating Certificate [SRC] Department Head. He is also one of MPCF – LC’s instructors teaching maritime students.

An AB Political Science graduate from Divine Word College Legazpi [DWCL] as well as a holder of a degree in BS in Marine Transportation from MPCF – LC, San Juan is ready to face the challenges ahead of him with clear goals and objectives for the development and growth of the department.

First on his many goals is to assist in the effective coordination with shipping companies which will provide graduates of SRC the required two-month on-the-job training. Accordingly, he aims for the enhancement of skills of every SRC student. One clear example was his support in the participation of the department in the Seminar Workshop supposedly provided for students of BS in Hotel and Restaurant Management [BSHRM]. The reason behind this integration is the relevance of the seminar to the field of study of SRC. This involvement of SRC in the activities of BSHRM, according to San Juan, enhances and showcases the skills and capabilities of the cadets.

Through honing and refining the competencies and proficiencies of these cadets in and out of the campus, another of San Juan’s aim is to have competent and successful graduates who could slog on board international vessels and some could even work in international hotels here and abroad. This, San Juan said, could boost enrollment in this one-year course here at MPCF – LC. To back up this objective, he plans to provide Career Orientation Seminars for high school graduates in Bicol and the nearby regions.

Although San Juan is no miracle worker, he sees to strengthen the foundation of SRC cadets through discipline and humility, which he said, he will visibly deliver and let these values reflect upon the words and works of the SRC cadets. These valuable qualities will make them obtain success in any field of work they go in. ”Let your pride go down and meet people on the ground,” San Juan added.

Glenn Jayne A. Guarina

She took up General Nursing at the Immaculate Conception College of Albay (ICCA) and finished her Bachelor of Science in nursing thereat. However, she did not end there as she continued broadening her knowledge in her chosen field of career. She enrolled in Master of Arts in Nursing (MAN) at the Camarines Sur Polytechnic Colleges and graduated Magna Cum Laude. This goes to show that she is really a cream of the crop. Aside from a graduate of MAN, she also finished her Masters in Business Administration (MBA) from Divine Word College of Legazpi.

Being a lady of various talents, opportunities came knocking at her door. The first to knock was her first job at Fostership of Germany where she tended to mentally-impaired and special children. She had offered her nursing services there for almost a year. She went on to the academe as instructor and rose from the ranks when she became a principal of the School of Midwifery of Perpetual Help in Tabaco for 3 years. At the same time, she worked with ICCA as a Clinical Instructor. During those days, she said, they are found of “tuhog” or part-time jobs. This is where she had honed her strong will and optimism towards work.

It was in the Year 2000 when she entered the doors of Mariners’ Polytechnic Colleges Foundation – Legazpi City. She was hired as an instructor in Social Sciences for 5 years. She decided to go out of MPCF in the Year 2005. Another entrance opened for her when AMEC hired her as its Dean of Nursing in 2009. However, it was short-lived, she then decided to go back to Mariners’ months before its Silver Jubilee. As they say, “home is where the heart is.” Mariners’ is a home for her.

With her experience, wit and leadership, she climbs another step in the ladder of success. It was July of 2012 when she was handed down the “key” of responsibility as Head of Student Affairs (HOSA). When asked about her reaction when handed down the position, she did not fail to mention and thank our SPS Directress, Mrs. Cynthia A. Duka, MM. “She’s always there, she said in an interview. ‘With the help of the SPS Directress, I’m learning my craft in the job and stay focused.” Of course, this lady is also thankful of her promotion.

Ladies and gentlemen, she’s no other than, the new COM Adviser, Head Office for Students Affairs (HOSA)... MRS. MELINDA L. JACOB.

Holding the baton, she has her PLANS FOR THE FUTURE DURING HER TENURE

  • See to it that all school organizations are active;
  • Ensure that the objectives of the respective organizations are followed;
  • Safeguard the Mission and Vision of MPCF for the benefit of the students and the institution itself; and
  • Instill in the minds of the students the discipline and values of being a good Marinian.
These are but a few of her dreams for the cadets / students of Mariners’. Many are yet to come when she said, “When I work, I put my heart into it.”