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The Mariners' Story

FounderConceived in a dream and toiled to fruition, the MARINERS' SYSTEM was founded by Commodore Jaime C. Jimenez, Sr. in 1975 as Mariners' Polytechnic Colleges. The school was his humble contribution in educating the Bicolano youth and opening to them within reach the opportunities in maritime profession and industry.

ukas-sgs-logoAwarded ISO 9001: 2008 certificate by the Societe Generale de Surveillance (SGS).

All courses are duly accredited by the Commission on Higher Education (CHEd), Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA), and the Maritime Training Council (MTC).


the founder Jaime C Jimenez

The Foundation was conceived and founded by the late Commodore JAIME C. JIMENEZ, Sr., a retired officer of the Philippine Navy, Chief Marine Officer, and a serious campaigner for quality education. He was the former President of the Philippine Maritime Institutions (PAMI), a conglomeration of maritime education in the Philippines and Chairman of Philippine Commission on Government Reorganization (PCGR). Commodore Jimenez, believed that the youth must be given the best education so they will become effective leaders of tomorrow. Hence, in 1974, he opened the Mariners Polytechnic School in Manila with an initial enrollment of 35 students.

Commodore Jimenez decided to transfer the school in the Bicol Region to help fellow Bicolanos develop into quality seaman. From the first batch of 52 Bicolano seaman cadets, the enrolment continuously grew that paved the way for the birth of the three school campuses at Naga City. Despite its being identified as a maritime school, the three schools offers both land and sea-based courses. The Mariners' System [official] upholds the honor code, "DO NOT LIE, CHEAT, OR STEAL", and instill the core values of discipline, competence and social reponsiveness among its people.

Vision-Mission-Goals and Outcomes

Vision Statement

  • MPC/F envisions to be the Center of Development in maritime and business education in the Bicol Region by setting its strategic direction that is integrative of outcomes-based instruction, research, community service, and resource generation within the framework of a Quality Standard System.

Mission Statement

  • Is committed to achieve economic and socially transformative goals of both local and global entities through innovative and relevant programs with the aim of developing global maritime officers/business professionals.

Goals and Outcomes

  • Develop leaders with advocacy who are globally competent, socially responsible, respectful of the environment and imbued with positive values and ideals.
  • Deliver quality instructional programs through updated standards in accordance with STCW ‘78 as amended and international standards considering emerging technologies and methodologies.
  • Conduct relevant researches that address emerging trends and challenges in both maritime and business industries.
  • Contribute actively to the needs of the community/society through extension service programs.

Board of Trustees
College Officials
Executive Vice President / Vice President For Financial Affairs /
Executive Director, Mariners' Training Institute
VP for External & Student Affairs

VPAA/Quality Management Representative

HRD/Executive Assistant

Director, SAS

College Registrar

Training Director, MTI

Head, Office for Financial Affairs

Media Liaison Officer

Director, ORES

Director, Physical Facilities

Office of the President
  • Mr. Conrado L. Cordero - Quality Management Representative
  • Mr. Mario L. Castillo - Asst. Quality Assurance Manager
  • Mr. Elmer Abad - Corporate Public Affairs Officer
  • Ms. Lydia B. Cervantes - Executive Assistant
  • Capt Steven James G Diño PCGA - Media Liaison Officer/Security Officer/Drill Master
  • Ms. Anne Beatrice H. Madarang - Web Master/Creative Designer
  • Ms. Eden L. Cimini - Office Assistant, Office of the Presdent
  • Mr. Joel C. Jimenez - Consultant for Special Projects

Human Resource Department
  • Ms. Lydia B. Cervantes - HRD
  • Ms. Ma. Popi Cathreen V. Jimenez - Assistant Human Resource Director
  • Ms. Richelle B. Reodique - HRD Assistant
  • Ms. Rita Famela O. Embudo - HR Clerk
  • Mr. Albert P. Sales - Timekeeper
  • Mr. Norman Bernarte - Timekeeper
  • Ms. Eden N. Salazar - Office Clerk, OAEA
  • Mr. Rogimer B. Jumawan - Driver, OAEA

Physical Facilities
  • Arch. Gerard Henry A. Vibar - Dir. Physical Facilities
  • Mr. Edison A. Bandol - Acting Head, General Services
  • Mr. Henry M. Naz - Office Clerk, Gen. Serv. Office
  • Mr. Erasto L. Alerta - Property Officer
  • Mrs. Rosario B. Janer - Canvasser
  • Mr. Jonathan P. Bello - Head Electrician
  • Mr. Edgar B. Brimen - Electrician
  • Mr. Benito M. Barcela - Repair/Maintenance Technician
  • Mr. Rolly A. Excija - Plumber/Maintenance Technician
  • Mr. Ramir G. Barcelon - Print Artist/Copy Operator
  • Mr. Rizalino E. Garay - Print Artist/Copy Operator
  • Mr. Alberto A. Armero - Driver/Mechanic
  • Mr. Frederick C. Barrosa - Driver/Mechanic
  • Mr. Santiago B. Ojeda Jr. - Driver/Mechanic
  • Mr. Romeo L. Bahillo - Utility Man
  • Mr. Cesar B. Rodriguez - Utility Man
  • Mr. Deldon D. Astor - Utility Man
  • Mr. John John M. Jimenez - Utility Man
  • Mr. Artemio Blanco - Utility Man
  • Mr. Mark Anthony Blanco - Utility Man
  • Mr. Anthony Ballaran - Utility - Swimming Pool

Professional Support Services
  • Dr. Juan V. Estevez, MD - College Physician
  • Dr. Rhubylene Grace M. Castelo, DMD -College Dentist
  • Atty. Armand A. Duran - Legal Counsel
  • Atty. Jensen Marie R. Duran - Legal Consultant
  • Atty. Ernesto M. Nocos - Legal Assistant (Advocacies)
  • Atty. Tina Marie C. Saribong - Legal Researcher
  • Dr. Luz Lazaro - Consultant, Office of the Registrar
  • Capt. Leoden B. Nagrampa - Consultant, Maritime Affairs
  • Engr. Edgar F. Nazarrea - Consultant, Mariners’ Training Institute
  • Mr. Edgar P. Claveria - Tax Consultant

Academic Affairs Department
  • Mr. Conrado L. Cordero - Vice-President for Academic Affairs/ Dept. Head, Customs Administration
  • Mrs. Cynthia A. Duka - Dean, Business Education/Coordinator DBP-Helps Scholars
  • Capt Job Bienvenido D. Espares - Dean, Maritime Education
  • C/M Alvin F. Abalon - Asst Dean, Maritime Studies
  • C/M Ernesto R. Gutierrez - Dept. Head, Marine Transportation
  • 2/E Rogelio De Guzman - Dept. Head, Marine Engineering
  • Mr. Angelo E. Miranda - Asst. Dept. Head, Custom Administration
  • Engr. Antonio I. Lomitao - Acting Head, Mechanical Eng’g
  • Ms. Florivel D. Villacorta - HRM Practicum Dept. Coordinator / OIC
  • Ms. Maria Jane E. Chan - Dept. Head, Hospitality Management
  • Ens Aproniano San Juan Jr. - Seamanship Lab Head
  • Mr. Alfonsus Ll. Zulueta - Head, Computer/Internet Lab/I.T. Maintenance Officer
  • R/O Rogelio B. Carullo - Training Bridge In-Charge
  • C/E Roderix B. Esquivel - OIC Engineering
  • Ms. Yehlen D. mayores - Academics Assistant
  • OIC-EW Raymund Valladolid - OIC, MaShop
  • R/O Francis G. Medalla - GMDSS/ARPA/CBT Laboratory
  • OIC-DW Nelvin Jazo - OIC, Full Mission Bridge
  • OIC-EW Genrel M. Abuel - OIC, Engine Room Simulator
  • Engr Efren O. Obis - OIC, Pneumatics and Hydraulics
  • Ms. Daiza B. Miranda - Head, Physics / Chemistry Laboratory
  • Engr. Efren O. Obis - OIC, Pneumatics & Hydraulics
  • 2/M Julian L. Tabios - OIC, Training Bridge Simulator
  • Ms. Nenita P. Baldon - OIC, Speech Laboratory
  • Ms. Minerva A. Vibar - OIC, Kitchen Lab./Mariners’ Cafe
  • Mr. Jayson Napili - OIC, Mock Up Restaurant
  • Mr. Mario Seneta Jr. - Toolkeeper
  • Mr. Jeoffrey A. Domingo - Utilility Man
  • Mr. Jay Edifer Osorio - Utility

Examination and Assessment Office
  • Dr. Milagros S. Esparrago - Head, EAO
  • Ms. Deborah Ayin Belga - EAO, CLerk

Registrar’s Office
  • Ms. Norma M. Villanueva - College Registrar
  • Ms. Rhona B. Yap - Office Clerk
  • Ms. Liezel SM. Naz - Office Clerk
  • Ms. Genelyn B. Ramos - Office CLerk
  • Mr. John Rey Regorgo - Office Clerk

Office for Research and Extension Services
  • Ms. Genevieve P. Marcelo-Sy - Director, ORES
  • Ms. Chona Lee P. Torres - Researcher
  • Mr. Don Johnson M. Villanueva - Researcher
  • Ms. Gemma B. Brusola, RSW - Community Extension Services Officer

Learning Resource Center
  • Ms. Lani M. Abrigo, MLS - Head Librarian
  • Mr. Rodolfo L. Bermas - Librarian
  • Ms. Marichu A. Hulip - Office Clerk, Library

Office of Financial Affairs
  • Ms. Daisy M. Lorayna - Acting Director, Office for Financial Affairs
  • Ms. Jeanice B. Ammen - Budget Officer
  • Ms. Marissa Z. Tero - Cashier
  • Ms. Odessa L. Romasanta - Office Clerk, OFA
  • Ms. Jacqueline A. Medalla - Office Clerk, OFA
  • Ms. Diane Vibar - Office Clerk, OFA

Mariners’ Auxiliary Services (MAS)
  • Ms. Daisy M. Lorayna - Monitoring Evaluating Officer, MAS
  • Ms Mary Jane M. Macandog - MAS Operation Supervisor
  • Mr. Nestor A. Abiera - Head Cook/li>
  • Mr. Sebastian B. Pili - Asst. Cook
  • Ms. Sally S. Montas - Storekeeper/Eliza’s Dorm In-Charge
  • Mr. Ireneo B. Bonito - Dishwasher
  • Mr. Sammy A. Latagan - Utility Man
  • Mr. Dennis Astor - Dishwasher

SAS Department
  • Ms. Cynthia A. Duka, MM - Director, SAS/OAEA Legazpi In-Charge
  • Mrs. Melinda L. Jacob, MM - Head of Student Affairs
  • Ms. Elvira B. Bañas - Office Assistant, SAS
  • Ms. Agnes E. Nacion - Athletic / PRISAA Coordinator
  • Mr. Noe D. Agravante - Trainer, Culture and Arts Office
  • Mr. Andy E. Campo - Trainer, Cuture and Arts Office
  • Mr. Tito B. Bo - Campus Ministry In-Charge
  • Ms. Frisian O. Silva - Alumni Coordinator
  • Ms. Nenita P. Baldon - Adviser, Mariners' Collegian

Guidance and Testing Office
  • Ms. Joyce B. Clutario - Psychometrician/Acting Guidance Counselor
  • Ms. Zayrah Grace B. Castuera - Office Clerk, Guidance

Discipline Office
  • CDR Gereon B Gregorio PCGA - Discipline Officer
  • Mr. John Peter B. Espiloy - Asst. Discipline Officer

Shipboard Training Office
  • Capt Jonthan B. Paraiso - Head, STO
  • Ms. Leah SM. Elliot - Office Clerk, STO

Medical/Dental Clinic
  • Mr. Junnel L. Madea, RN - Senior College Nurse
  • Ms. Krisha O. APuli, RN - Nurse

Mariners’ Training Institute
  • Engr Edgar F. Nazarrea - Training Director, MTI
  • C/E Roderix Esquivel - Technical Officer, MTI
  • Ms. Lydia B. Cervantes - HRD
  • Ms. Norma M. Villanueva - MTI Records In-Charge
  • Ms. Marissa Z. Tero - MTI, Cashier
  • Ms. Mary Dave L. Valencia - Office Clerk, MTI
  • Mr. Reagan M. Lantero - MTI Utility Man

  • Commo Dante La Jimenez PCGA - Superintendent
  • CDR Conrado L Cordero PCG - Assistant Superintendent
  • CDR Lydia B Cervantes - Flag Adjutant
  • CAPT Steven James G Diño PCGA - Commandant
  • ENS Aproniano B San Juan Jr PCGA - Asst Commandant

NSTP Personnel
  • CAPT Steven James G Diño PCGA - NSTP Coordinator
  • Ms. Julie B. Borlagdan - Office Clerk, NSTP/PCGA/MRO
  • Mr. Webster M. Toledo, MM - CWTS Coordinator/Instructor
  • LCDR Marcial M. Ponce PCGA - Drill Master
  • Ms. Irene D. Mayores, MM - Instructor
  • Mrs. Aileen M. Tuazon, MM - Instructor
  • Ms. Lisa E. Morados - Instructor

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