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Corps of Midshipmen

The Corps of Midshipmen (COM) Scholarship shall be given to bonafide students of MPCF-Legazpi of the current school year, and a member of the Corps of Midshipmen (COM) Officers. This is the official student governing council of MPCF Legazpi. Discounts shall be given varying on the position as stated below:

COM Master 100%
Chief Officer 50%
Chief Engineer 50%
VP Business Education 50%
Yeoman 50%
Purser 50%
Auditor 50%
Radio Operator 50%
Chief Steward 30%
Asst. Steward 30%
Chief Shore Patrol 30%
Asst. Shore Patrol 30%
Representatives 20%

The Mariners' Collegian Staffer Scholarship


The Mariners' Collegian Staffer Scholarship shall be granted to active staffers of the Mariners' Collegian, enrolled at MPCF for the current school year. Discounts are given as follows:

Editor-in-Chief 100%
Associate Editor 75%
Managing Editor (Internal) 50%
Managing Editor (External) 50%
News/Sports Editor 50%
Staffers 30%
Photojournalist 30%
Cartoonist 50%

Band/Majorette Discount

The Band/Majorette Discount is given to an official MPCF Band Member / Majorette every semester. Said discount will be based on an evaluation by the Band Director and Majorette Trainer. A discount of 40% will be given to new band members and majorettes (on their 1st semester), then succeeding discounts will now be based on evaluation. Discount will be based on the following criteria:

Attendance in Practices and Meetings 30%
Attendance in Perfomance 30%
Performance 20%
Attitude 20%
Human Relations 10%
Total 100%

  • 96 – 100 (Excellent)
  • 91 – 95 (Very Good)
  • 86 – 90 (Good)
  • 81 – 85 (Satisfactory)
  • Below 85 (Poor)

Evaluation will be submitted every end of the semester to the Director of SPS for endorsement to the VP for External and Student Affairs for recommending approval to the President. Upon approval by the President a copy will be given to the OFA for reference.(This was closely coordinated and consulted with Band Director and Majorette Trainer).

Varsity/Athletic Scholarship


The Athletic Scholarship shall be given to official students of Mariners' Polytechnic Colleges Foundation, enrolled in any course, who is actively participating in all sports activities and competitions representing the school. The grantee must be duty-bound by the guidelines, rules and regulations of the school. The grantee shall enjoy a tuition fee discount, upon evalutaion of the coordinator, however, miscellaneous and other fees shall be shouldered by the student.

Entrance Sholarship

Entrance Scholarship is an Academic Scholarship, which shall be given to incoming freshmen students who graduated Valedicatorian/Salututorian and/or its corresponding honor from his/her previous secondary school. Valedictorians are given 100% Tuition Fee discount for two consecutive semesters while Salututorians are given 50% Tuition Fee discount for two consecutive semesters as well.

Employee’s Privileges

The Employee’s Privileges (Child/Brothers-Sisters/Spouse) is a program given to employees who wishes to enroll themselves, their children, siblings, or spouse to the institution. Discounts are applicable to both the tuition fee and other fees. Discounts range to the following:

  • Employee - 85%
  • Spouse - 65%
  • Son/Daughter - 65%
  • Brother/Sister - 65%

SK Chairman Tuition Fee Discount


To qualify, the student must be a bonafide student of MPCF enrolled in any of the school curricular offerings. The student must be apply for scholarship at the SPS office with the following documents:

      • Processed enrollment form
      • Original Certification from the Municipal Mayor and Local Government Unit (LGU) Officer of his /her being an SK Chairman

The student applicant will be given a 50% discount on tuition fee and be considered a Management Scholar. The student must have no grade below 2.50 in any subject in a semester and must not have a record of violation in the Discipline or Guidance Office for succeeding semesters. Recommendation for approval by the President will be from the SPS Director through the Vice-President for External & Student Affairs (VPESA). Once approved Office for Financial Affairs (OFA) will be furnished a copy.


Clickable Organization names lead to its official facebook page

Corps of Midshipmen(COM) Ms. Melinda Jacob
Peer Counselors Org (PCO) Ms. Joyce B. Clutario
Mariners’ Collegian Ms. Nenita P. Baldon
Maritime Deck Org. (MDO) C/M Ernesto F. Gutierrez
Mariners’ Hoteliers and Restaurateurs Organization (MHRO) Mr. Jayson B. Napili
Mariners’ Customs Administration Organization (MACAO) Mr. Angelo E. Miranda
Mariners’ Propeller Society(MPS) Engr. Antonio I. Lomitao
WE SERVE Ms. Gemma P. Brusola
Science Club Dr. Dulce B. Colasito
Samahan ng mga Mag-aaral sa Filipino (SAMAFIL) Ms. Rowena M. Malvar
Red Cross Youth Mariners’ Legazpi Council Mr. Junnel L. Madela
Campus Ministry Mr. Tito B. Bo
MPCF Band/Majorette Mr. Noe D. Agravante/Mr. Andy Campo
Blue Dolphins Ms. Agnes Nacion

Activities & Involvement


Parol and Christmas Tree Competition

Parol and Christmas Tree Competition

Parol and Christmas Tree Competition

#LOL (Lead Out Loud) Leadership Camp 2014 for Young Leaders of Student Organizations

Photo credits COM Official FB Page

Leadership Camp 2014: New Leaders, New Insights for a Better Tomorrow (Lead Student Officers)

Participants from the three campuses

(Left)One of the teams formed during the camp. (Right)COM Adviser orienting the MPCFLC Officers

(Left)Facilitators with Speakers. (Right)MPCFLC Participants

Three COM Master/SSC President of Mariners' Schools

Photo credits COM Official FB Page

Pilgrimage Participation at Our Lady Of Salvation Church, Joroan, Tiwi, Albay.

Photo credits COM Official FB Page

Science Month Celebration: Keep the Fire of Science Club Burning

Photo credits COM Official FB Page