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In 1994, the Mariners’ Training Institute (MTI) was established to provide relevant and comprehensive range of education and training programs to interested individuals particularly seafarers for them to meet the challenges as of today’s rapid globalization in the field of international shipping and maritime industry. MTI also welcomes enrollees/trainees of non-maritime field (e.g. Hotel and Restaurant Management, Tourism, Commerce) as well as ship staff of coastwise/domestic companies. And one of the organization accredited by Maritime Industry Authority (MARINA).

The first course offered by the Mariners’ Training Institute was Safety of Life At Sea (SOLAS), which included the following courses: First Aid, Fire-Fighting and Personal Survival Techniques. The name SOLAS has been replaced by Basic Safety Course with National Assessment Centre (BST with NAC) that includes the following courses: Elementary First Aid, the objective is to enable the trainees to acquire immediate basic medical care at the scene of an accident or medical emergency until the arrival of the person in charge of medical care onboard. Fire Prevention and Fire-Fighting, the objective is to be able to react in a correct manner in an event of an outbreak of fire, to take appropriate measure for the safety of personnel and of the ship and to use the fire appliances correctly. Personal Survival Techniques is for trainees successfully completing this course will be able to react in a correct manner in the event of fire, collision and foundering and survival at sea in the event of ship abandonment. Last, is the Personal Safety And Social Responsibility, the specification of minimum standard of competence is to be able for the trainees to do the right thing in ship in case of collision, fire, foundering and to have knowledge of shipboard contingency plans for response to emergencies.

Accredited by the Maritime Training Council (MTC), Maritime Industry Authority (MARINA), and in compliance to STCW Circular 2018-02: Standards for Mandatory Training Courses under the SCTW Convention, 1978, As amended.


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