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PRC releases more names of board passers from Mariners

Legazpi City, Albay – The Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) released more names of graduates from Mariners Polytechnic Colleges Foundation (MPCF), this city who passed the recently concluded board examination for Second Marine Engineers and O.I.C. (Engineering Watch) levels for those who finished the degree of Bachelor of Science in Marine Engineering (BSMarE). Aside from 2nd Engineer Lord Morano Llona of Anislag, Daraga, Albay who topped the Second Marine Engineering Board Examination given on February 26 and 27, 2014, the following alumni also hurdled this test:

  • 2/E ABELLEDA, Carnold Lagunes of Bankilingan, Tabaco City, Albay
  • 2/E ASIS, Amando Ayende of Bigaa, Legazpi City
  • 2/E MAGALLENO, Abnel Noromor of Burabod, Libon, Albay.

Meanwhile, PRC also conveyed the list of the following Marine Engine Officer-graduates who passed the O.I.C. (Engineering Watch) examination given in the month of February 2014:
  • BRAGAIS, Laurence Bolanga of Pawa, Tabaco City, Albay
  • CESTINA, Rafael Loseño of Tuliw, Malinao, Albay
  • PESINO, Joffer Embido of Tuburan, Ligao City, Albay
  • LUBIANO, Gerald, Jay, Maristela of Putiao, Pilar, Sorsogon

This list was confirmed by MPCF-Legazpi Registrar Norma Villanueva who said “we are delighted by these results especially that the number one slot in the 2nd Marine Engineering Examination has been captured by an alumnus of the school.

With these developments, the school’s administration, faculty, staff and students rejoice in another landmark for the institution created by the board topnotcher and board passers.

“I congratulate those who passed the recent board examination given by the Professional Regulation Commision. Indeed, they serve as inspiration to the thousands of aspiring cadets who wish that someday, they will also reach the pedestal where they are now. This development gives the faculty, staff and administration the signal to continue working for excellence in the quality of education and training provided to the enrollees of the institution”, MPCF President Dante La. Jimenez declared.

With the Mariners System in Bicol having just celebrated its 40th Foundation Anniversary this March 2014, these achievements attained by the school alumni make a fitting tribute to the Founder – Commodore Jaime C. Jimenez, Sr. who dreamed of graduates able to reach the stars after they finish their courses. ###

MPCF – Legazpi athletes shine in 2014 PRISAA Regional Meet in Camarines Norte

Daet, Camarines Norte – Players from Mariners Polytechnic Colleges Foundation (MPCF), this city ruled in five sports events by garnering the championship in Football, Badminton, Taekwondo, Boxing and Swimming in the recently concluded Private Schools Athletic Association (PRISAA) Regional meet held in Daet, Camarines on February 20 to 23, 2014.

This was confirmed by Sports Coordinator Agnes D. Nacion, head of MPCF-PRISAA Regional Meet delegation with majority of the players sent to the event by the Albay province coming from the Mariners school.

“The Albay-Legazpi Team offered a good fight in almost all the games when fielded with players coming from other provinces of Bicol; it is with great pride that most of the athletes in the contingent come from our institution and they have contributed much in the overwhelming success of the group”, declared sports coordinator Ms. Nacion.

Below is the list of events participated in by players from MPCF-Legazpi and the rank attained by each team:

  • Football - Champion
  • Badminton (men) - Champion
  • Taekwondo - Champion
  • Boxing - Champion
  • Swimming - First Place

With this result, the players from Mariners are qualified to represent and be among the Region 5 delegation to the National PRISAA Collegiate Games to be held in Tagum City in Davao on April 5 to 12, 2014.

“This could have not been achieved had it not been for the abounding support by the school administration, Delegation Head Nacion added.

Meanwhile, Business Education Dean and Student Affairs Services (SAS) Chief Cynthia Duka expressed satisfaction on the achievement made by the players.

“I am confident that our players will continue to sustain the excellent performance started at the regional meet and duplicate it in the forthcoming National PRISAA Meet in Davao”, said SAS Head Dean Duka.

MPCF President Dante La. Jimenez has sent congratulatory message to the players and sports officials who in one way or another have contributed to the exceptional performance of the athletes. ###

Philippine Swimming League stages 1st Commodore Jaime C. Jimenez, Sr. Swim Meet in Legazpi, Albay

Mariners System’s swimming star Midshipman Jifrey Azor (left) showing his winning form as he practiced to grab gold before the 5th Invitational Swimming Championship held at the Royal Bangkok Sports Club in Bangkok, Thailand which made his school and country proud.

Metro Manila - The Philippine Swimming League (PSL), the national sports association for swimming of the Federation of the School Sports Association of the Philippines (FESSAP) will hold its 55th Leg Series dubbed as the 1st Commodore Jaime C. Jimenez, Sr. Swim Meet in Legazpi City, Albay on March 22, 2014.

FESSAP is the recognized body of the International Sports Federation (FISU) which works closely with PSL, the only organization that has the longest organized swimming grassroots developmental program in the country today.

This was announced recently by PSL President Susan Papa who said “The competition will serve as try-out for the 28th Summer Universiade to be held in Gwangiu, South Korea next year as well as for future international competitions in Australia, Hong Kong and Singapore.

The venue for the swimming competition will be at the newly-constructed Training Swimming Pool of Mariners Polytechnic Colleges Foundation (MPCF) annex campus at the beachfront of Albay Gulf in Bgy. Rawis, Legazpi City.

The venue for the 1st Commodore Jaime C. Jimenez, Sr. Swim Meet - the newly constructed MPCF Legazpi Training Swimming Pool

“We are happy to host the PSL Leg Series here at Mariners - Legazpi and that we are ready to showcase our school and the newly-built Training Swimming Pool used by our maritime cadets”, declared MPCF President Dante Jimenez.

The school hosts the one-day event which features swimmers from 6-under, 7-8, 9-10, 11-12, 13-14, 15-17 and 18 over.

“The main objective of this try-out is Excellence in Body and Mind and is open to all and no membership fee is required. PSL plans to send 96 swimmers to the 2015 Universiade”, PSL President Susan Papa added.

It can be recalled that the Mariners school in Bicol has already produced a swimmer of international caliber – Midshipman Jifrey Azor. He has won bronze, silver and gold medals in past domestic and international swimming competitions notably the swimfests in Bangkok, Thailand in December 2013 and Cape Town, South Africa in February of this year.

MPCF’s Midshipman Jifrey Azor (2nd from right) together with other Filipino swimmers during a warm-up at the 2014 Western Province Aquatics (WPA) Swimming Competition at the University of the Western Cape (UWC) Aquatics Center in Cape Town, South Africa in February, this year.

“Being a maritime school, we value excellence in swimming as a skill not only by those who engage in this sport but of every student who will soon embark on sea vessels when they graduate and become professional seafarers, soon”, Commodore Jimenez further disclosed. ###

Alumnus of Mariners gets highest slot in recent PRC board exam for 2nd marine engineers

2/E Lord Llona, from his old ID picture way back 2001
Legazpi City, Albay – Mariners Polytechnic Colleges Foundation (MPCF), this city takes pride in producing a topnotch alumni in the February 2014 Marine Engineering Examination given by the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC).

2nd Marine Engineer LORD MORANO LLONA, a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Marine Engineering (BSME) course from MPCF-Legazpi is number one in said government examination. This was confirmed by School Registrar Norma Villanueva after PRC released the result that he garnered a grade of 87.75%, making him the over-all topnotcher from among last month’s examinees.

Engr. Llona finished his course in 2004 and is a native of the municipality of Daraga, Albay. He was a consistent performer in his academic standing until he graduated and had been an outstanding maritime engineer in the several companies he joined in the past years after graduation.

With this development, the Mariners System community rejoices in the feat reached by one of its graduates.

“The administration and students congratulate Engr. Llona as we are happy upon learning that we have produced another number one in the recently released result of the board examination given by PRC to Marine Engineering graduates. What is important here is not only the honor but the inspiration it brings to the thousands of our maritime students who are aspiring to become seafarers, someday. This brings the message that to be an achiever is not impossible if one desires and works for it”, proudly declared MPCF-Legazpi President Commodore Dante Jimenez.

As of today, the school maintains an atmosphere for students to become achievers in the profession they have chosen. The highest level of the quality of education and trainings given to students are in its topmost priority.

“Mariners moves on to update and uphold its capability as a center for maritime education in the Bicol Region. It has beefed-up the qualification of its instructors as well as the laboratories and other equipment used in maritime studies to make them at par with the global requirements for seafarers as set by the International Maritime Organization (IMO)” said Executive Assistant and HR Head Lydia Cervantes.

Meanwhile, the administration has not ceased in its endeavor to keep the school conforming with global standards.

“It is not surprising that our graduates are able to land prominently in board examinations as well as their being hired in the big shipping enterprises anywhere in the world; Mariners is ISO certified and with the institution having passed the recent inspection conducted by the European Maritime Safety Agency (EMSA) in the third quarter of 2013. This makes our alumni competitive, making them efficient and effective in their chosen field as professional seafarers”, Commodore Dante Jimenez concluded. ###

5th and final batch of Mariners’ Mission Tabang to Tacloban rolls March 7

The team of MPCF school officials and PCGA Officers from MPCF-Legazpi which led the 5th and final mission of Mariners, Mission Tabang to Tacloban City as they gather for the last meeting, a day before their departure to the mission area. (Left to right) Gereon Gregorio, Erasto Alerta, Adel Bausa, Aproniano San Juan, Jr., Ronnie Gardon and Team Leader PCGA Captain Steven James Diño.

Legazpi City, Albay – The final and fifth group of Mission Tabang contingent by the Mariners System left for Tacloban City on March 7, 2014. They will be off for a four-day tour of duty.

The mission is composed of the combined groups of volunteers from the Mariners Polytechnic Colleges Foundation (MPCF) from Legazpi City, Albay and Canaman, Camarines Sur.

In an interview with Mission Head Captain Steven James Diño, Commandant of the 901st Coast Guard Auxiliary-Officer Training Corps (CGA-OTC) at MPCF-Legazpi, he confirmed that from this school alone, no less that 60 students and staff went with the group. Likewise, volunteers from the local Red Cross Youth were among those who joined.

Meanwhile, a similar number of cadets and school officials came from MPCF-Camarines Sur joined the Legazpi team as they converged at Port of Matnog in Sorsogon. The Canaman group was headed by PCGA Captain Felix Bautista, Commandant of the CGA-OTC Unit from this school.

This Mission Tabang delegation centered their relief and cleaning/clearing operation at the National Maritime Polytechnic (NMP) where it concentrated its effort in the school and in the neighborhood.

Included in the activities were the cutting of trees still scattered at the campus, the repair of electronic gadgets which can still be used including repair of machines used by students in the maritime laboratories which are still serviceable.

Scenes of destruction of properties and in agriculture such as these, taken from neighboring municipalities of Tacloban City immediately after the typhoon are still fresh in our minds. After four months, the victims now slowly return to their normal grind of life although still, much has to be desired.

This gesture of Mariners volunteers is helping NMP to return to normal. It has been noted that most of the students of this school were greatly and adversely affected by supertyphoon Yolanda and the storm surge it brought to the area.

It can be recalled that the first batch of Mission Tabang of relief operation and medical mission was focused in the coastal municipalities of Eastern Samar on the 4th week of November 2013 or three weeks after the typhoon. Commodore Dante Jimenez of Mariners System led the group as Mission Director. The initial operation served the victims in the municipalities of Balangkayan, Giporlos, Quinapondan, Balangiga, Lawaan and the City of Borongan.

In times of calamities, whether natural or man-made, the children are among the worst affected. These are scenes from BALANGKAYAN Town in Eastern Samar taken during an earlier Mariners Tabang Mission trip. It has been reported that 90% of residential houses in this municipality were totally destroyed.

The Mariners System is delighted to receive a message of appreciation sent by the leadership of National Maritime Polytechnic and from other sectors touched by the effort done by the schools and its volunteers.