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Outreach Program 2013

outreach program 2013

Held February 23, 2013, MPCF once again conducted an outreach program to nearby baranggays giving away tons of fun and services such as Medical/Dental Mission, groceries, and games. Photos above (left to right, top to bottom) shows the medical/dental mission, the participants with their gifts, the organizers, and the registration area.

Alay Kay Boboy 2012

outreach program 2013

Held December 20, 2012, as the theme states "The Legacy of Concern for the Less Fortunate CHildern Continues...", MPCF conducted the annual Alay Kay Boboy 2012 to children of the nearby baraggays, giving gifts and fun games. Photos above (left to right, top to bottom) shows the apple eating contest, the participants with their gifts, the pack of prizes, and the organizers.

Christmas Cheers 2012

xmas cheers 2012

The participating trees

xmas cheers 2012

The winning tree

Held December 14, 2012, another event challenged the creative and artistic minds of the MPCF community as the Christmas Cheers 2012 was celebrated. The event included judging of the Christmas Trees made of indigenous materials only, presented by each department, and the talent showcase in singing Christmas Cheers.

xmas cheers 2012

Christmas Cheers Participant

ASP Pre-Christmas Lunch

asp lunch

November 23, 2012 - Pre-Christmas Lunch with Capt Danzil D Souza of the ASP Crew Management Services, Inc. Photos above (left to right, top to bottom) shows the the officers and the ASP visitors, participants given gifts from ASP, the lunch buffet, and the ASP staff and visitors.